STEM Summer Camp 2018 & Youth Chat with STEM Professionals

This year, VTC STEM Education Centre welcomed about 130 local secondary school students from over 50 schools taking part in the four cohorts of the STEM summer camps in July and August - an exciting summer programme designed to ignite their interests in the STEM fields from an early age.

STEM discovery.  Over a packed couple of days, the secondary school students participated in a structured programme in learning valuable skills in critical thinking, problem solving and teamwork, who were taught to view the world through the lens of STEM subjects. The students essentially received added tools with which to succeed in their future careers. The aim of the programme was to encourage more young talent to pursue STEM careers by gaining their interest in an early age, building their self-confidence, and attracting students to pursue STEM education and careers.

STEM exposure and in-depth learning.  The programme encompassed theoretical courses, engaging hands-on workshops, practical and stimulating team activities, group competitions and social dining with STEM industry professionals. The students learnt basic concepts in Computer Programming, Science, Mathematics and Engineering by building their own autonomous mini car, and understood the growth of the STEM industries throughout the programme.

Industry tremendous support.  With the support of the STEM Industry Partner Collaboration Scheme, it provided students with unique opportunities exploring STEM-related industries by visiting Hong Kong International Terminals Limited, M800 Limited, Microsoft Hong Kong Limited and MTR Corporation Limited with our VTC STEM Ambassadors and staff, all the while having fun!

On 19 July, VTC Chairman, Dr Roy CHUNG and 7 industry representatives hosted a STEM industry sharing session – Youth Chat with STEM Professionals to share their insights from the minds of engineers and allowed students to have a better understanding of STEM industries through a relaxed environment.

18 July, 2018 - 09:00AM – 10 August, 2018 - 06:00AM
VTC Campuses
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