Home Assistive System for Dementia Patients Living Alone

Forgetfulness and memory lapses are common symptoms experienced by older adults with dementia. To better protect patients living alone, the VTC STEM Education Centre, the VTC HealthTech Centre and IVE Engineering have collaborated on a solution to enhance the living standards of patients with dementia.


Patients suffering from memory loss can encounter many hazards in the household. They might leave home appliances switched on or unattended, including stoves, heaters, water taps and other devices that pose substantial risks of fire or flood. The project aims to develop a home assistive system using Internet of Things (IoT) and sensor technology to help reduce the risk of accidents at home and protect patients in their residences.


The project proposes the installation of:-


  1. multiple IoT sensors in patients’ homes, such as IoT gas sensors to detect carbon monoxide (CO) and carbon dioxide (CO2), and IoT infrared sensors to detect heat from stoves in kitchens to avoid potential fires;


  1. flow sensors in water pipes to detect the water flow rate from any water tap to avoid flooding;


  1. smart plugs to detect overloaded current and avoid blown fuses and trip switches; and


  1. an in-and-out sensor at the main entrance to monitor occupancy of the home.


When any of the abovementioned sensors detect abnormal activities, the system will alert the patients via different signals, such as voice alerts or flashing lights. All signals are also transmitted to a cloud platform, and an alert can be sent to caregivers or family members immediately through the Internet.

VTC STEM Education Centre (Tsing Yi)
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