Smart cities have become a new trend of global development which focusing on the application of various information technology and innovative ideas to enhance the efficiency of resource utilization, optimize urban management and services, and improve the living standards of citizens. The technologies of Artificial intelligence and computer visions play a significant role for smart cities development.

STEM@thon Day Camp 2020

VTC STEM Education Centre is organising a two-day camp “STEM@thon”. Activities will be conducted in STEM-maker’s marathon where participants are teamed up to finish their design and build their unique smart cars within limited time. They will also challenge themselves as racing drivers with an immersive experience through a driving simulator.

“STEM@thon” Summer Day Camp will be conducted in Hackathon format. The participants are expected to design and formulate innovative solutions to complete designated tasks within a limited period of time through applying their learned STEM knowledge and practical skills. Besides, sharing session with industry professionals about the hottest STEM topics and STEM industry visit will be arranged to ignite the students’ interest in STEM career. It’s welcome for the students of Secondary 2 – 5 to join this activity.

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(Application Suspended)

Class A: 6-7 August 2020
Class B: 13-14 August 2020

Camp Fee: $500 per participant

Download the Camp Details and Application Form here!

Camp Detail


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