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  • STEM Career Exploration with Hong Kong Observatory
    日期: 10 September, 2019 02:00PM – 05:00PM
              10 September, 2019 02:00PM – 05:00PM
    地點: Hong Kong Observatory
    類型: Workshop

    In the first month of the new academic year, VTC STEM Education Centre hosted a STEM career exploration activity with a different on 10 September 2019. More than twenty VTC students took part in More

  • VTC STEM專才教育日暨VTC STEM挑戰盃頒獎典禮2019
    日期: 15 May, 2019 02:30PM – 05:00PM
    地點: IVE (Tsing Yi)
    類型: Competition
    職業訓練局(VTC)STEM教育中心今日(5月15日)舉行「STEM專才教育日暨VTC STEM挑戰盃頒獎典禮2019」,並啟動與15間本地中學首次合作的「STEM學校伙伴計劃」,透過工作坊、比賽、夏令營等活動,與學界及業界攜手培育年輕一代對STEM(科學、科技、工程及數學)學科的興趣。

    同場更頒發首屆「VTC STEM挑戰盃」獎項,並展出中學生的得奬遊戲程式, More
  • STEM 創意藝術親子工作坊 : 陀螺電子繪畫
    日期: 22 April, 2019 10:00AM – 06:00PM
    地點: 香港科學館三樓兒童天地
    類型: Workshop



    在這工作坊,參加者會利用環保物料親手製作自己的陀螺,轉動陀螺以其軌跡創作一幅特色電子畫。 透過這個活動,參加者能體驗到物理和電腦視覺的基本知識。 More

  • STEM 創意玩具工作坊 :「重力」物搖滾派對
    日期: 19 April, 2019 11:00AM – 05:00PM
    地點: 香港科學館地下課室
    類型: Workshop



    約300年前,牛頓從樹上墜落的蘋果,發現萬物皆被施加了無形的外力 ─ 地心重力。

  • 第16屆中學基建模型創作比賽工作坊
    日期: 17 January, 2019 - 09:30AM – 01 February, 2019 - 09:30AM
    地點: VTC Campuses
    類型: Workshop

    為讓中學生藉着基建模型創作,探索結構力學有趣的一面,VTC STEM教育中心與IVE工程學科合辦第16屆中學基建模型創作比賽工作坊 ,詳情如下:




  • First Overseas Hackathon to Nurture STEM Future Talent by VTC STEM Education Centre
    日期: 16 November, 2018 - 06:00AM – 18 November, 2018 - 06:00AM
    地點: Fukuoka City, Japan
    類型: Competition

    Travelling to Japan could be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for some of our students, which may well be true for nine students from Engineering More

  • 12th International Symposium on Advances in Technology Education Overseas educators gather to explore talent nurturing for developing smart cities
    日期: 19 September, 2018 - 05:55AM – 21 September, 2018 - 05:55AM
    地點: Hong Kong Science Park
    類型: Workshop

    VTC has stepped up efforts to promote STEM education and foster young people with requisite knowledge and skills for a smart future, as well as More

  • STEM Summer Camp 2018 & Youth Chat with STEM Professionals
    日期: 18 July, 2018 - 09:00AM – 10 August, 2018 - 06:00AM
    地點: VTC Campuses
    類型: Workshop

    This year, VTC STEM Education Centre welcomed about 130 local secondary school students from over 50 schools taking part in the four cohorts of the STEM summer More

  • Hong Kong Robotic Olympiad 2018
    日期: 19 May, 2018 09:00AM – 06:00PM
    地點: VTC STEM Education Centre (Tsing Yi)
    類型: Competition

    VTC STEM Education Centre co-organised with Hong Kong Robotic Olympic Association for a competition “Hong Kong Robotic Olympiad 2018” which attracted over 450 students from 27 local primary and More

  • The Hong Kong Secondary Innovation and Technology Competition 2018
    日期: 21 April, 2018 09:00AM – 05:00PM
    地點: IVE (Morrison Hill)
    類型: Competition

    With the rapid development of science and technology, the EDB has been actively promoting STEM education through the Curriculum Development Institute, equip students to meet the needs of future More